Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and learning to cut with those dull, blunt-nosed scissors?  Have you tried cutting anything with those scissors now?  You get the same ragged results.

Cutting your grass with a dull mower blade will leave your lawn with the same shredded appearance.  Dull mower blades rip, pull and tear the grass, rather than cutting it cleanly.  This leaves your lawn open to disease, insect infestation and even fungus.

Sharp mower blades cut the grass, rather than ripping and pulling it, so the grass can put its energy into growth, rather than repair.  The healthy grass resists insects and fungus.  Your thicker, lusher lawn crowds out weeds.  Even more, a sharp mower blade makes your mower work more efficiently, using less fuel, and saving wear and tear.  Better yet, a sharp mower blade means you can cut your grass faster, so you have more time for fun.

MowTown Blades are milled to a sharp edge right from the beginning.  They are made from high-carbon steel enhanced with boron to aid in attaining the proper heat treatment of the blade.  We use a process called austempering to bring them up to 42 Rockwell “C” to maintain their hardness, which keeps the blades sharper longer and provides a greater durability for them to be resharpened throughout their performance life time.

As always, MowTown mower blades are made right in the United States.

When you want the best for your lawn, look to MowTown Blades.