About Us

MowTown Blades has been proud to bring you quality lawn mower blades for more than 50 years.

Originally our manufacturing facility was located in the Detroit, MI, area also home to Motown legends such as Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and The Jackson 5. Although it may seem our blades should produce some sweet melodies and harmonies, we assure you that you will not hear a hit record while using our blades (unless you have one or two on your playlist!). What our products will offer you is music to your ears.


We use the best materials and processes to manufacture blades you can rely on. We also have great people with small-town values inspecting each blade for sharpness and defects.


MowTown Blades are strong because we choose to use the best grade steel. Most blades also are heat treated to add greater strength and durability to them.


Because we are the manufacturer of the blades, we can offer you direct-to-consumer pricing. There is no middleman and no added markup. You are getting a quality product at an affordable price.

Your lawn will be bright and brilliant like the stars produced in Motown when you use MowTown Blades!

MowTown Blades, LLC

301 Central Ave
Suite 387
Hilton Head, SC 29926