When you got into the landscaping business, you likely saw yourself pursuing a creative passion as you rake leaves and rake in cash. However, fast-forward to now, and you’re likely still in the business but feel that your landscaping business “could be doing better.” 

We feel you. As a landscaper, you want a business that thrives with the least amount of input. Fortunately, at Mowtown Blades we have been in the gardening and landscaping industry for years, and we’re here to share with you our five secrets to a money-making landscaping business. 

Are you ready to add more zeros to your profits? Read our five game-changing tips for a profitable landscape business. By the end of this, you’ll be on your way to not just slashing overhead costs, but also hacking away inefficiencies and keeping your growing clientele buzzing. 

Diversify Your Services

In any business, covering your bases is always a wise course of action. Within the context of landscaping, this means diversifying your service offerings. By diversifying your services, you’ll appeal to a broad range of clients. Over time, you’ll also be more profitable as your business becomes the go-to landscaping solution for all things lawn and tree-related.

As we speak, you may already be offering a handful of services. Your list of offers doesn’t have to be huge. You just need to address as many aspects of landscaping as possible. For example, common landscaping issues in South Carolina include pests and tree damage. If you already provide basic landscaping services like lawn trimming and garden arrangement, adding something new like anti-pest wood treatment may do wonders for your list of offerings.

Get the Word Out About Your Landscape Business Online

These days, the average homeowner looking for a landscape business isn’t scouring the streets of Hilton Head looking for fliers. Rather, your prospective clientele will be looking for services online. For this reason, you may want to dial in your digital marketing game. By doing so, you’ll reach a broader audience and set yourself apart from other brick-and-mortar landscaping businesses in your area.

When you’re marketing online, you’ll want to start in three places — your Google listing, your website (if you have one), and your social media pages. Your online presence should be consistent. This means keeping your physical address, contact details, and business hours updated. When it comes to your social media pages, keep your contact details, address, and business hours visible and post content regularly.

It may be time-consuming, but you’ll see your digital marketing pay dividends later when more people start finding you on search engines. If you’re unfamiliar with digital marketing, you can start with just your social media pages. However, for the best results, you may be better off hiring a digital marketing agency. Once again, think of digital marketing as an investment that goes toward spreading the word about your landscaping business.

Purchase Your Mower Blades in Bulk

As a landscape business owner, you’ll likely be using your mower frequently. To ensure that your mower functions well, you must have part replacements like mower blades available. Mower blades are essential since these are the parts of your mower that sustain the most wear and tear. However, when buying spare blades, don’t buy just a few thinking that it’ll save you money. You’ll save much more when you purchase blades in bulk. 

By buying in bulk, you’ll achieve several things. First, you’ll be eliminating downtime. With blades in stock, you can easily install them without having to waste gas money traveling to and from your local hardware or mower blade store. You can also save more money in the long term since you get wholesale prices for your batch of blades. When you run the numbers, it’ll be clear that you’re paying less per blade if you purchase a whole batch in bulk. 

Offer Maintenance Subscriptions as Part of Your Services

Landscaping demand in South Carolina can be seasonal. You might find yourself knee-deep in grass-cutting and landscaping orders in one season but lacking in clients the next. During dry periods, you’ll still have to pay your employees and maintain your blades and equipment. All these overhead expenses will pile up to the point where you’re losing money rather than making a profit.  

You can avoid all of this and increase your profit ceiling. You can make a steady stream of income with maintenance subscription offerings. By offering maintenance subscriptions, you’ll have regular clients who will pay you to maintain their lawns and yards year-round. As a result, you’ll still make a profit even during the slower seasons. 

When offering maintenance services, ensure that you cover the essentials. In South Carolina, your duties will often include mowing, pruning, and weeding.

Maintain Your Mower Blades

Once you have your high-end mower blades, you’ll be amazed at how low maintenance they are. However, “low maintenance” doesn’t mean no maintenance. To keep your landscape business profitable, you need to do your part in maintaining the condition of your mower blades. One of the ways you can keep your blades in pristine condition is by cleaning them and sharpening them at least once every month. 

Maintaining your blades helps your landscape business in several ways. By keeping your blades clean, you’ll keep issues like rust at bay, meaning it’ll be a long time before you replace them. Also, sharpening your blades will enable your mowers to cut grass more efficiently. This means that you’ll be using less fuel and time to get a landscaping project done — and with less fuel and time comes more savings on your part. 

Trim Costs and Rake in the Green with Mowtown Blades

When you’re looking to make your landscape business profitable, it’s all about cutting costs wherever you can. Improve your business’s efficiency and productivity with high-quality mower blades from Mowtown Blades. At Mowtown Blades, we offer cutting-edge blades for mower units of all kinds. Our blades are sharp enough to slash your maintenance and fuel costs, giving you the most bang for your landscaping buck. Check out our selections today, choose only the best blades, and stay a cut above your competition!


I Don’t Have Digital Marketing Skills. What Should I Do to Promote My Business?

If you’re new to digital marketing, you can start your marketing using a social media page (which you can easily create). On the social media page, include your landscape business’s business hours, contact details, and a link to your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can hire a digital marketing or web design agency in your area to create one for you. Hiring an agency also gives you access to other digital marketing services like online listings (Google My Business) and search engine optimization (SEO).

How Can Buying Mower Equipment in Bulk Make My Landscape Business More Profitable?

Purchasing landscape equipment in bulk helps you profit and save over the long term. By doing so, you’ll reduce unit costs and fuel expenses, save money on travel costs, and eliminate downtime, making your customers come back for more services.

What Are the Best Services to Include in a Maintenance Subscription?

If you have any doubt about what your maintenance services should include, just cover the essentials. These services include pruning, weeding, grass trimming, and periodical cleanups.