If you are seeking to learn about how to remove a lawnmower blade, then you have come to the right place. If this is your first time removing a lawnmower blade, then read on in this article for a step-by-step guide

Check Your Blade Style

Most lawnmowers have similar blade styles. Check your manual to determine the style of your lawnmower blade and use this style when you purchase a new blade. There are many blades on the market, but the one that is already on your lawnmower is the size you need.

Choose the Appropriate Bolt Size

Normal bolt sizes for lawn mower blades are usually 1/2-inch, 5/8 inch, or 3/4 inches long. Check your manual to see the size of the bolt that is needed to secure the blade. Once you know the size of the bolt, you will need a socket wrench that can turn this size of bolt to help keep your lawn mower blade secure.

Understand How to Tighten and Loosen the Blade

Most lawnmower blades need to be turned right to tighten and left to loosen the blade. However, if it is a reversal blade, it will be the exact opposite. A reversal blade requires you to turn left to tighten and right to loosen the blade.

Replacing Push Mower Lawnmower Blades

Now that we have covered the initial steps for replacing your lawn mower blades, we will cover how to change your blades if you have a manual push mower.

  • Disconnect the spark plug and ignition wire for safety precautions. This step ensures that there are no fires that could be dangerous for you as you work on your lawnmower blade.
  • Pour out any extra gasoline in your lawnmower into a container so as to not get any gasoline on your body or clothes while you work.
  • Gently lay your lawnmower on its side and wipe off the blade with a handheld brush to keep it free from grease or debris.
  • Place heavy-duty gloves on your hands as you work with your lawnmower blade. These blades can be sharp even if they need replacing. Wearing gloves ensures that your hands are protected and do not get cut.
  • Loosen the bolt from your lawnmower to remove the blade. Normally you will loosen the bolt by turning left, however, if it is a reversal blade, you will loosen the bolt by turning right. You may want to consider placing a wood block underneath the blade to keep it from moving.
  • Once the bolt is off, the old lawnmower blade will come off. Replace the old blade with your new blade, align and screw the new blade on with your socket wrench. Check the instructions in your manual that can help you with this process.
  • Tighten the new blade to ensure it is secure. Now you can turn the lawnmower to a standing position. Reattach the ignition wire and put in the spark plugs. Place the excess gasoline back into your lawnmower.

Replacing Riding Mower Lawnmower Blades

If you have a riding lawnmower, you will need to remove the blade a little differently.

  • Turn off your riding lawn mower and remove the keys and spark plugs for safety.
  • Take off the mower deck. along with the brackets and bolts that connect the mower deck to the main body of your mower.
  • Once you have removed the brackets and bolts, your mower deck should come off easily. Now you can remove the old blade and replace it with a new blade.
  • Place the brackets and bolts with your new blade on the mower deck and tighten them securely. Attach the mower deck to the main body of the mower. Place the spark plugs back into your riding lawn mower, put in the gasoline and you are ready to mow your lawn.

More Tips About Working with Your Lawnmower Blades

It is always a good idea to speak with a specialist in lawnmowers from stores like Home Depot and others to ensure that you are comfortable with removing your blade.

If you have a friend or family member who has more experience than you, then ask them to assist you and show you how it is properly done. The more resources you have for removing the blade, the more successful your lawnmower blade removal project will be.

Use your instruction manual as much as possible to know the size of your blade and bolts before purchasing. The instruction manual will show you where different parts of the lawnmower are located like the ignition wiring and spark plugs so that you can remove them. Safety is always first when removing these parts and when working with sharp blades.

You also want to check the lawnmower blade to see if it needs to be sharpened or completely removed and replaced.